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2011 once again tests your spiritual strengths, because of your karma. Difficult times continue upto at least October 5, 2012. You may get some relief but may not be enough. For students its a better year though a lot of hard work is required. Students will tend to do badly till May 2011, after which things will start to improve and should be good by September 2011. Another positive area is travel, especially in teh second half of teh year.


2011 is a mixed year for scorpios. Thinks look good till May and then a few upsets may happen. Students will do well till may but will need to be careful in teh second half of the year. Avoid partnerships. Some serious issues at the professional front may arise. Its a good phase in teh first part of the year.


2011 is a great year for you. The year may start on a shaky front in some areas but after May things will smoothen out. Most Gemini's will see a change of job or place in the beginning of 2011. Students will have it bad so only hard work will carry them through. Promotions and elevations are on the anvil. Those in service will worry about relations with seniors, but things will improve after May.


2011 is going to be a year of trail and errors but in the end it will be all for the good, so cheer up! Unexpected changes that look adverse may actually be good for your future. Students will have a great year and do very well. Plans to travel abroad may suffer some setbacks for everyone.


2011 is a very enventfull year may even confuse you for a bit, but things should sort out by the end of the year. A lukewarm year for students. A topsy turvy year ahead, with lots of masala from collegues and competitors. Transfer or change of jobs is a good posibility. For those working abroad you may need to leave your job and go back to your native land.


2011 could be a tough year so keep your wits about you and try to balance off things till better times come around. Only hard work will get you through in exams, yet you may not get marks as expected. Work pressure will increase and you may not get support of boss or collegues. Things will improve after May 2011.


2011 is a tough year. Infact you have been feeling the effect already. You are warned to be careful from now itself as a friend or a close person may cheat you in money matters putting you in great distress. Students need to put in a lot of effort. Will have hurdles related to work and reputation in the first half. May even lose job. Things will look up in the second half giving you some positive gains.


A great year to see all your efforts bear fruit and fulfill your ambitions. Just be careful of rising jealousy. Your hard work and merit will be acknowledged. Great year for students too. You should be very satisfied on this front in 2011. In business aprtnerships will pay good dividends.


Its been a while since you had things going your way. Things should start moving by May 2011. Money and profession booth will get a boost. You should have more things to cheer in the family and personal front. A newborn maybe on its way for expectant parents. Students need to put more efforts into their studies to reap fruits in the later half of 2011.


2011 for you is the year for change. Students may face hurdles and not get desired results this year. Not much of llong distance travel this year. Transitory planets will wreak havoc this year but in the end all will be for good. Change is on the anvil so charge yourself up to the challenge and remember that good things will follow.


The new year will begin on a good note, but you have to keep working at your problem areas as some of them will tend to prolong. So patience is the keyword for the year 2011. Some tensions may arise but as you have faced them well in previous years you shall manage to do that even this year. Students are likely to do very well, but at the same time there may be lack of concentration and confusion may arise. Frequent journeys are predicted for the year 2011.


2011 will bring you good luck and prosperity, but be patient. Slowly and steadily your problems will melt away by the second half of the year till then caution is advised. Students have to work really hard. First half of the year may be a little shaky, causing you some losses. By the year end however you shall much of lost ground and get good reputation. Businessmen will also do well.
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