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Career Report

In today's highly competitive world, a number of professions have emerged due to advancement in Science, technology, sports, medicine, agriculture, education, media etc. making it more difficult for a native to choose a field to pursue his/her career in. Whether he should go for service or he should do his own business, whether he should join politics or become a specialized professional. Sometimes the native wants to convert his/her hobby/interest to a profession but is hesitant to do so as he is not certain of his success. The astrological configuration of the birth chart / horoscope play a major role in deciding to choose and get success in a particular field. In a birth chart / horoscope the lord of the 10th house of profession, 11th house of gains & fulfillment of desires, 1st house of decision & recognition, 2nd house of accumulated wealth & status through family/profession and all planets are considered and analyzed to predict for the native's professional / career aspects in life.

In addition to that we also have to consider the placement & strength of benefic planets, their forthcoming main & sub periods, for example, for Cancer Horoscope Mars is lord of the 10th house and it is placed in the benefic 7th house. In this case Mars will become exalted and will definite give the native dedication, hard work, concentrated & focused efforts towards his profession enabling him to get success but if the forthcoming periods are of any malefic planets then there will be certain limitations of the results.

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