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Child Report

The voyage of growing up of a child from its infancy to later life is full of delight and defies. Parents and mentors would welcome any such aid that would guide them through all these years to support and encourage their children through the difficult times and let no problems come into their ways.

We offer such an aid in the form of “Child Report”.
This is going to be a personalized reading of a child’s horoscope with a detailed scrutiny of the consequences of different planets on the life. Consequently suitable remedies will also be suggested to keep all the problems at bay.

Obtain a comprehensive and impervious appraisal of your child's planetary chart horoscope and live peacefully without any worry or tension concerning your children. You will get to know about all the strengths, weakness, potential and prospects of your child. Since planetary configurations play an imperative role in deciding scales of one’s life, an unbiased analyzes of your horoscope will suggest immediate effectual remedies to solve all kinds of human troubles and tensions. The detailed Child Report will definitely help to overcome the troublesome period and suggest you the remedies to pacify them. It will help you gauge- 

1. Your child’s sensitivity and approach
2. His talents and aptitude
3. His objectives and intentions
4. His life journey

Just provide us with-
1. The name of the child, as you would like it appear on the report.
2. The month, day and year (specifically in this order) of your child’s birth.
3. Time of birth (with indication of Am or PM)
4. The place of the child’s birth with specifications of city and the state too.

You will find this report to be perfectly suitable for every parent who would like to learn and study about their child’s future.
Present this unusual and attractive gift for new and would-be parents that would be used and referred for many years to come.

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